How we started


It all started when I (Sterling/ Owner) had to take my whole drum apart to put in a pillow to make it sound a little bit better. In the summer of 2017 in DFW Texas I had an idea to put foam cubes into my kick drum and the sound difference was incredible. I have never found a simpler solution to getting the best sound out of my drums. 

Why DrumKubes?


The Problem:

Most musicians have to put a pillow into their kick drum in order to change the sound. They have to take off the entire drum head in order to place the pillow in there, which requires a good amount of time.


The Solution:

DrumKubes are 2-inch or 4-inch foam cubes that can be placed or adhered to any drum (primarily the kick drum) for dampening and tone changing modification. The cubes come in several densities and in multiple colors. All simply stored away in a mesh carrying case. Simple. Easy. Effective.

"I am very impressed with DrumKubes. They have enhanced my kick drum sound without over muffling it. For years I have been using a pillow in my kick drum to reduce ring and unwanted overtones, but a pillow could never truly provide the tone I needed. With DrumKubes, the pillow is no longer necessary and I have full control over the sound of my drum simply by adding or removing DrumKubes."

- Camellia Kies (Beach Drum Shed)

"After seeing this product in use, it would have been foolish of me not to start using them myself. Being able to get the precise sound I want by adjusting the number of DrumKubes I put in the kick has been amazing!" 

- Josiah Pitterson (Media Director/Drummer)


"I play a variety of styles of music in many different environments so I needed something that would help cater to what the music and room called for. I felt too locked into the sound you get with something like a pillow in your kick and it didn't always sound right in every scenario. We all know how inconvenient it is to have to take off the resonant head to make adjustments. Drum Kubes solves the problem by being able to easily put in and take out what you need and don't need to achieve the sound you are looking for."

-Caleb Barnett (Drummer)